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Therapy is a partnership and therefore, working towards benefits and goals requires both of us to be active participants in the process. It will also require effort from you outside of therapy sessions.  Sessions are typically held one time per week for 45 minutes.  There are times when I may challenge thoughts, perceptions and behaviors in effort to foster insight and promote meaningful change.

Client Rights:

It is your right to inquire about the counseling process at any time during our counseling relationship. You have the right to refuse or request changes to any of my suggestions.  Once you have begun counseling with me there is no obligation to continue. You have the right to discontinue at any time; however, I would ask that you participate in a termination session.  Should you desire a referral to another therapist, I will work to provide you with one.


Everything that we discuss in session will be kept confidential except:

  • If I determine that you are a serious threat to harm self or others

  • If you report child and/or elder abuse/neglect

  • If your records are subpoenaed by a court of law

  • Information requested by insurance providers

If I see you in public, I protect your confidentiality by not approaching you first, nor will I discuss your case with you outside of the therapy setting.